Bucket List

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By Emily Thrasher

2017 was a strange year for me. It was a roller coaster for most of the year. Toward the end of the year, my life started to settle down and straighten out. And here I am now, with a new year to pave. At the start of this new year, I have found myself thinking heavily about my life, my future, and myself.

I have been working on improving myself and my life for a few months now. I have the mind set to continue making improvements. I have the determination to make my life everything I deserve it to be and in doing that giving my children the life they deserve as well.

Nothing in life is perfect and no one in the world can have everything they want. I realize this, and I am trying to remain realistic in my life’s desires. But man, if I won the Powerball jackpot, all the amazing things I could do with all that money. I am not only trying to stay realistic in a materialistic sense, but in other aspects of life as well.

One thing I have been doing more, is focusing on the things I can control and letting go of the things that are outside of my control. In all honesty, I have put a huge amount of effort into letting go and you can read more about letting on and the work I’ve put in on my blog post: Learn to Let Go.

As for 2018, I can only imagine the year that is ahead. I will do everything in my power to make it a good year. To start this new year off on a positive, I have written a bucket list of things I hope to do in my lifetime.


Bucket List

  • Graduate with a Master’s or PhD in Psychology
  • Go scuba diving and skydiving
  • Quit smoking and get healthier
  • Go on many vacations somewhere outside the United States
  • Have money saved for retirement
  • Raise happy & healthy children that grow up to be wonderful adults
  • See my children graduate high school and hopefully college too
  • In the far future, Be a grandma
  • Make sure that the people I love know how much they mean to me and how much I love them

I hope this new year bring you and all your loved ones a joyful and prosperous life. Thank you for reading and come back again soon to read more!