Update: Better Than Before

By Emily Thrasher

I launched this website almost 2 months ago. At first, I was motivated, and I had a plan with goals for keeping this site going. I thought I had started out great, but then life happened and here it is, months later, and I haven’t posted at all since I first launched. But, now that life has started to settle down and I can make time to write more, I figured I would post a bit of an update first…

First, I am revising my previous plans for this website. Mostly I am adding a category for posting about my life and more personal related posts. This personal update is the first of many to be part of this category of posts. Check out the links on the right to find my Poetry, my Quotes Explained, & my Mental Health related posts.

Update for Emily Rose

Years ago, I started blogging for the first time. I kept blogging for a year or two on blogger, learning along the way and I had some growth in my writing skills. I decided to upgrade to my own website in 2014. I had blossomingemilyrose.com going strong for almost a year, when my world crumbled under my feet and everything changed.

I quit writing from the spring of 2015 until relaunching this site a few months ago. Time has gone by so fast since the beginning of 2015 & so much has happened. In fact, too much has happened in 3 years to sum up in one little post. Over time, perhaps I will share things here and there.

For now, let’s start with this:

At some point, over a year ago, I had lost hope for a better future. I had given up on almost everything in my life & stopped caring about most things too. The circumstances in my life had turned my entire world upside down & unfortunately, I had a tough time coping.

I traveled down a miserable path for long enough that I lost people along the way. But there are a few who have stayed dear friends to me during these low times in my life & I’m deeply appreciative of those who have stuck by me while I went through those things. I regret letting myself get to that point & I am ashamed of some of my choices back then, but I am not there anymore & I don’t ever plan to go back to that place.

In the spring of 2017, I had finally come to a point in my life where I woke up and decided that I do care & I care a whole lot about many different things. At that point, I made the effort & choice to better myself, not only for my kids, but to make sure I am a happier person for me.

Over last several months, my life has started to become substantially better. I have worked hard to let go of situations that I had been stuck holding on to. I have learned how to forgive, even when some are not sorry. I had to learn how to forgive for my own wellbeing. The effort I have put into making my life better has greatly paid off.

The New Good Aspects of Life:

In November of 2017, I got a huge break in life by getting offered an excellent job with Nelnet, a student loan server. I am currently an Adviser I for Total & Permanent Disability Discharge. It’s been going very well. I enjoy my job & I like the feeling I get from helping people. I don’t mean to brag, but I think I am performing well at my job too.

Then, a few weeks ago, I had gotten an estimate on my junky minivan to fix it up enough that it wouldn’t be junky anymore. I took the estimate to the bank to get a loan for the repairs and found out that the repairs outweigh the value of the van. The only option was to trade the van in and get a new vehicle.

In getting this news, I became thrilled. I was surprised and thankful that the bank was willing to work with me to make sure I had a safe vehicle for my kids & a reliable vehicle that I can get to work with. My new car is fantastic, and I couldn’t be happier with it. I am so very grateful and happy.

In Conclusion:

Overall, life has been good lately. True enough to life, there are still some bumps in the road (probably always will be to some extent), but these little frustrations in life are nothing that I can’t handle. I’m trying to do my best in everything I do & in all aspects of my life. I’m nowhere near perfect, but I have learned along the way & I’m changing for a better me with a better future.

Who wants to be mad all the time? Who wants to cry & be miserable all the time? Why should I accept that as my way of life? It’s been a long couple of years, but I’m very happy to be able to say, here I am enjoying life again.

It feels good to be moving in a direction that I find myself happy more often than being unhappy. I feel proud of myself for overcoming the multiple hardships I have had to endure over the past 2 – 3 years. I am thrilled to once again have a strong hope for a wonderful life with a bright future for myself and my kids.

Thanks for reading! If you have the time, would you please leave me a comment. I really enjoy my readers’ feedback!